I am Ash West, and I am a Master of Dark Arts.

I am also a collector & purveyor of antiquities & artifacts with paranormal tendencies.
In other words I buy, sell, and collect haunted things.

In 2001, my wife Magnolia and I launched Creepy Hollows. Over time, has become the largest, oldest, and most successful Internet site for spirit keeping and magick. We also host the first and largest user forum on all things paranormal. Now in its 4th year, the forum claims a whopping 25 thousand hits per day. Our site counted 20+ million hits last year alone.

There is much interest worldwide in the subject matter indeed. Last year, Discovery Channel contacted us expressing interest in a potential show. Several months ago, we launched the worlds first magazine dedicated to paranormal collecting. The first volume of Paranormal Collector Magazine garnered much praise on the Internet, most copies were pre-ordered, and all copies sold out. Copies of this first volume continue to sell during our 2nd printing. We recently published “Spirit Keeping“, the worlds first book on the subject, now in 4th printing. is dedicated to those interested in collecting and researching antiquities and artifacts of paranormal tendency. In other words, haunted and otherwise influenced items. These are objects which were intensely important either physically or psychologically to the former-living. Some haunted objects were important to them in a positive, life-enriching (White energy) way while others held importance in a negative, possibly life-ending (Dark energy) way. This site deals with both.

Dark and White energy and essence has saturated into these physical, tangible objects by the former-living as they experienced their lives on Earth with them. These are the objects which held significance positively or negatively, and provide the path of least resistance for those in the metaphysical realm to enter the physical realm.

The antiques and artifacts with which we deal range from masculine to feminine. Most importantly, all are influenced paranormally.

In my opinion, it is important to live in the physical universe and explore the paranormal universe.

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